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Aquatic Consulting Services

Aquatics facilities in Greenwich, Connecticut, need to be using all the proper safety protocols and can only benefit from an evaluation of their aquatics programming. Our aquatic consultant specializes in reviewing your new or existing program to ensure that you are taking advantage of all your available resources.

We instruct you on how to improve your current program, and we will also evaluate your staff on request. The size of your program doesn't matter; you could be a community pool, health club, or even a hospital! Our professionals help you run your program smoothly while maintaining the education of your skilled employees.

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Improved Aquatics Programming

While our consulting services may be able to provide you with all you need, we are happy to provide our professionals directly to your facilities. We can provide lifeguards for pool parties, swim instructors to teach at your location, and so much more!

Our understanding of the industry is unparalleled, as we keep our knowledgeable staff updated and trained on any current certifications in the aquatics world. Each of our team members has a minimum of five years of experience in all swim levels and abilities, so you can trust us to supply you with skilled staff tailored to your program's needs. Contact us today to receive an estimate for either our consultation services or the services of our aquatics programming staff.


Most aquatic organizations need to increase revenues and participation levels, while decreasing their costs of operation...

  • Generate profits through implementation of innovative and exciting programming ideas.
  • Schedule for maximum use and income. With pool space always being at a premium, it is a must that maximum use be obtained to generate optimal revenue. 
  • Evaluate all current program offerings. 
  • Assess your needs by conducting demographic studies and patron surveys. 

  • Decrease overhead costs through use of contractual arrangements. 

  • Develop staff incentive programs to increase class sizes. 

  • Review administrative cost controls such as record keeping and refund policies. 


Need to improve public awareness of your programs? We can help you sell your community on the benefits of aquatic activity through:

  • Social Media awareness/presence. 

  • Ensuring your website is always accurate and up to date.

  • Development of eye catching promotional brochures. 

  • Conducting market surveys. 

  • Creation of overheads, slides, posters, computer generated graphics, or videotape for use in your advertising brochures or presentations. 

  • Presentations at conferences, meetings, banquets, and clinics to:

  • Prospective members. 

  • School and camp groups and assemblies. 

  • Educating your boards of directors (if applicable). 

  • Building committees.

  • Employees (A great resource that is overlooked and NOT used enough).

  • Conducting of off–site class registration sessions. 

Special Events at Your Facility:

Patrons/Members become disinterested because nothing new and exciting is happening at your facility. Assistance is provided with offering some of the following innovative programming ideas and special events at your facility. We’ll help you to generate income, increase your visibility in the community, and draw new members to your facility.

  • Lifeguard competitions. Swims, runs, rescues, ect... 

  • Dine–in movies. 

  • Underwater hockey, soccer or football tournaments. 

  • Inner tube water polo/basketball competitions. 

  • Holiday themed parties –– anything from tinting your pool water green for St. Patrick’s Day to underwater Easter egg hunts. 

  • Water game carnivals for children or adults. 

  • Swim–a–thons.

  • Stroke clinics (Video of swimmers strokes).

  • Triathlons - Trainings, practices, events, club.

  • Aquatic fitness clinics or competitions. 

  • Teen nights. 

  • Company pool parties. 

  • Water walking clinics. 

  • Poolside B-B-Qs.

  • Charity events. 

Document Development:

Accurate records and reports need to be kept in an aquatic environment to provide data for making decisions regarding equipment, personnel, and procedures, to provide data used to determine costs of operation, patron satisfaction, causes and prevention of injuries, and as a basis for budget recommendations and justification for future expenditures. Guidelines and manuals are needed to ensure the proper operation of the facility. Information must be posted and some data collected to comply with state and local ordinances to ensure the safety and health of the public. We will provide many of the most commonly used or required forms and documents, or can develop custom materials specific for your facility including:

Report forms and checklists:

  • Accident. 

  • Incident. 

  • Pool logs.

  • Pool patron records. 

  • Attendance records.  

  • Daily opening maintenance. 

  • Daily closing maintenance. 

  • Preventative maintenance. 

  • Waivers. 

  • Chemical levels. 

  • Rules for facility use and safety. 

  • Lifeguard, Water Safety Instructor (WSI), or staff manuals. 

  • Operating manuals and procedures. 

  • Chemical safety procedures. 

  • Evacuation procedures. 

  • Safety materials, literature and posters. 

  • Emergency Action Plans (EAP).

  • Emergency Response Plans (ERP).

  • Publications, newsletters, advertising, or public service announcements. 

  • Inventory checklists.  

Staff Screening & Selection:

How do you hire qualified aquatic staff when you don’t know the questions to ask? We will assist you in how to recruit the most suitable candidates for the job. We can help you in creating the following:

  • Interview questions and answers. 

  • Compose job descriptions. 

  • Develop and administer qualification tests. 

  • Conduct interviews. 

  • Help you evaluate candidates and select finalists for the position. 

  • Provide training for new staff. 

Lifeguard Audits:

Feel confident that your trained, skilled, and certified lifeguards are really qualified to ensure the public’s safety and provide care in emergencies. Increase staff alertness and competence through use of auditing of lifeguards. SKA will:

  • Evaluate surveillance techniques and supervisory practices. 

  • Conduct emergency drills. 

  • Discern whether lifeguards are readily identifiably and appropriately dressed. 

  • Determine if guards are properly trained and practiced in the most current uses of rescue equipment. 

  • Review your safety system design for efficiency and effectiveness. 

  • Review and/or implementation of Emergency Action Plans.