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"Scott started working with my two-year-old son at the beginning of the summer and true to his word my son was jumping in, swimming to the edge of the pool and pulling himself out within weeks. All the moms comment on what a great swimmer Jameson is and how their own children are still using puddle jumpers. Thank you Scott for doing such a fabulous job with my son!"
—Jennifer J.

"Scott is an excellent teacher. He works with each student based on their ability. He's hands on and makes the student feel comfortable. He has been working with my 6 year old god son since February. In less than a year he has his him swimming both freestyle & backstroke. Also has taught him to dive. I highly recommend Scoot as a teacher, especially for beginners."
—Bryan C.

"We recruited Scott for several one-on-one lessons to help with our three year old son who developed a fear of water out of the blue. Scott's upbeat attitude and kid-friendly pacing had our son in the pool, engaged, open to trying new things and having fun. I wouldn't have believed it if I didn't see it w/my own eyes! Miracle work!"
—Sarah L.

"We cannot say enough about Scott! My son Sebastián is jumping off the diving board in the deep end, swimming deep down to retrieve rings and doing a back stroke - all in less than a year! Scott is incredibly patient and his methods for teaching are excellent, highly recommended"
—Sandra A-R.

"Scott is the best! We switched from group lessons to private lessons with him and it has made such a difference. All three of my kids- ages 2,5,7 love going to lessons with him too. Thanks Scott!"
— Jill D.

"I don’t know where to begin with my level of gratitude for Scott. He has been working with my children since they were all babies (they are now almost 3,4, and 5 and all swim independently). Owning a pool is such a huge responsibility, especially when you have young children. It was absolutely vital to me that they learned how to safely get themselves out of a pool unassisted. Scott gave my children the confidence they needed to learn vital and invaluable skills...all while having fun. Now that they can swim, he is teaching them techniques that I myself, was never taught. Week after week I am impressed by what they have learned. I continue to recommend him to families seeking a professional, successful, and engaging swim teacher. I couldn’t recommend Scott more highly."
— Melissa F.

"Scott is a fantastic instructor and is a pleasure to work with. I highly recommend SKA!"
— Ruth G.